What to Pack

What to Pack-When going on a short term missions trip

Things to bring for yourself for during your trip:
~Your Bible!!
~Camera with plenty of batteries! Although now a days most people use their phone
~An umbrella!!! You never know what the weather will be like and there's nothing worse than being wet and cold.
~Flip flops for mucking around and for showers
~Old tennis shoes (or shoes you don´t mind getting dirty and muddy) for wearing in the community
~Bathing suit (depending on what your team is doing and where you are going)
~Clean underwear (always a must)
~Work clothes/junk clothes for work projects (it's hot during the day, so keep that in mind. We also do a lot of painting, so bring clothes you don't mind getting messy)
~Your own toiletries (shampoo, soap, razors, etc.)
~Jeans and a sweatshirt/hoodie for evenings. It can get chilly!
~Shorts, t-shirts, capris, and tank tops for the day.
~A  laptop, iPhone, or iPods are always handy for blogging, entertainment, and writing home. Make sure to bring your chargers and any wall adaptors needed for whatever country you go to
~Small appliances like flat irons, electric shavers, and blow dryers are always handy, especially when in travel size. Make sure they have adaptable settings for voltage in other countries.

Things NOT to bring for your trip:
~Linens (towels, sheets, pillows, etc.) We have those here for you to use
~Fancy clothes
~Anything really expensive...In the event that it could get lost or stolen.
~15 hair dryers and 12 flat irons. You can share. Unless you want to donate them to the thrift store when you're done :)
~Knives, guns, swords, or num-chucks :)

Things you could bring to donate to any local church:
~Shoes!! Gently used shoes for men, women, or children!
~Tennis shoes!!!! Remember, Costa Ricans are typically smaller, smaller sizes are better!!!
~Rain boots!! I occasionally get requests for not-too-heavy rain boots
~The women also always want black shoes for work or cute sandals in sizes 5 to 8 & 1/2, remember women in other countries tend to have smaller feet.
~Gently used clothing for women, especially jeans, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, and hoodie sweatshirts
~Gently used clothing for children of all ages and sizes
~Gently used clothing for men in small or medium sizes
~UMBRELLAS!!!! There is a big need for them here!!!!
~Curtains, bath towels, hand towels
~Small appliances such as coffee makers, rice cookers, hot plates, toasters, hair driers, and hair flat irons
~Kitchen pots, pans, silverware, and kitchen utensils such as spatulas, wisks, wooden spoons, and veggie peelers
~Kitchen towels, pot holders
~Children's toys and games
~Yarn or other craft materials
~House decorations and trinkets like wall decorations, candles, etc.
~Personal hygiene items: shampoo, soap, body lotion

Things that are always a blessing to international churches that are usually received gratefully:
~New International Version Bibles in the native language of the country you are going to
~English dictionaries for English classes
~Cheap-o prizes that can be given away during Sunday School or English classes
~Craft materials (EXCEPT GLITTER!!! Glitter is super messy and gets out of control)
~Crafts materials include yarn, string, beads, pins, clips, paper, foamies, pre-made/pre-counted crafts that just need glued or put together, paint, fabric, etc.
~Scrapbooking materials, such as scrapbook 12X12 paper, fancy edged scissors, fun punches, dye cuts, stickers, etc. for crafting with the older girls.
~Whiteboard markers
~Soccer balls or other sports equipment

If you know anyone in the medical field who has access to first aide supplies, most churches could use:
~4x4 gauze
~rolls of gauze
~Ace bandages
~Knee sized bandages
~Finger tip/knuckle bandages
~Burn cream
~Neosporin/anti-biotic creams
~Medical tape
~latex-free gloves
~butterfly closures
~alcohol prep pads
~Blood pressure cuff

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