Monday, September 19, 2011

One man can make a difference.

Did you ever wonder what kind of a difference one man can make? 
What kind of an impact can your actions have on the world? 
This video pretty much says it all. 
If you are willing to step out and take a risk, regardless of how you think others will perceive you, 
you may just change the actions and attitudes of every one around you.

Now think about what kind of an impact we as Christians can have on the world if we are willing to step out and do the same for Christ? 
How many more people would experience joy, peace, love, healing, freedom, and blessing 
if we were not afraid of what other people think and took the time to pray.
We all want to receive a touch from God, right? 
What if as image bearers of the Almighty God, He is calling us to do that to a hurting world? 
To reach out as ambassadors of His kingdom and
spread joy, carry peace, pray for healing, speak truth, bring freedom through Christ, 
love our neighbors, 
to be like Christ?

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  1. Very good blog... so true... so true on so many levels of our lives.. .thank you for posting and sharing