Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Harvest Hands Newsletter

 I originally wrote this for the November Harvest Hands newsletter. If you get the newsletter, this is a double. It is basically a recap of the last few months. Enjoy! 

The past few months have flown by in a blur. There is not enough time or room on the page to share everything that has happened lately. So this will be a short synopsis. August ended team season for the time being. We have three very unique teams in August. A new team from Manchester, New Hampshire. They helped build skate ramps for the skateboard ministry, painted the outside of the Casa Nueva, did crafts and art projects with the kids in the community, and established relationships and friendships with the people of Los Anonos. The team also partnered with Children Without Borders, the non-profit clinic in the community, for a trash pick-up day. The next team was also a first-time-team from the Roots Vineyard in Denver, Colorado. They were also joined by John Patrick from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mostly medically based team taught CPR and first aide to members of Viña Anonos. Other projects included painting inside Adriana´s house, building another trash receptacle in the street, and healing ministry in downtown San Jose. We saw several people receive instant healing miracles, praise the Lord!! The final team came from our sister church in Managua, Nicaragua. What an amazing opportunity for a team to minister and bless our community in it´s native language! This team repaved the steps up to Doña Francisca´s house. They also lead worship with a distinctive Latin flair!

September brought many changes and transitions. The most significant came as Steve left his 2-year post as intern with Rodney and Cindy. The community will never be the same and his absence is deeply felt here. Thank you, Steve, for all your dedication and diligent work here in Los Anonos! Julie returned to the states for 3 weeks to visit family and raise support for the start of her second year as intern. The community was also visited by Lenny Hernandez and several others from the Mechanic Falls Vineyard. This trip focused on evangelism and connections in the community.
Rodney and Cindy were able to take advantage of some much needed rest with a month-long sabbatical to Maine in October.

Although November is only half way over, it has definitely been an intense month. Three separate suicides occurred in the Mangoes (the top part of the community on the opposite side of the river from the Harvest Hands house) all in the first week of the month. One of them was the son of a woman who had become part of our fellowship only months before. Even amidst tragedy, God is still moving and working: two men, who were family members of one of the first to commit suicide, accepted Christ as their Savior! Please pray for these families as they continue in their grief processes.
This month has also included the annual pastor´s reunion and another team from New Hampshire. Several pastors from supporting churches who regularly send teams were able to travel to Costa Rica for the meeting. The plans for the future of Viña Anonos, including the need for a Latin pastor, the mentoring/discipling of the members in the church, and additional uses for the Casa Nueva, were key discussions. Manchester, New Hampshire also sent a work team down to help fix roofs, make Christmas crafts with the ladies and children, and continue building relationships in the community.

Currently we are looking forward to American Thanksgiving, which will be celebrated here at the house with Gringos and Ticos alike. We are also anticipating our upcoming missions trip to Nicaragua. Work projects there include building a bathroom for the new Viña in Tipitapa, planning and having a Christmas party for the children in Tipitapa, and hosting an eye glass clinic where people can receive a free eye exam and eye glasses.

Prayer Requests:
Safe travels to Nicaragua
Continued freedom for the community from drug and alcohol addictions
A keyboard that can be borrowed or donated to Viña Anonos

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  1. Julie I salute you, job well done. God bless you and keep you. Numbers 6:23