Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Last Laugh

So I was cleaning my room this afternoon and ran across some quotes I had written down from the New Life team from a few weeks ago...Enjoy!!!

"Things are a but more like they used to be than they are now. I wrote a country song once, but I'm sure you won't want it on your blog." ~Craig

"It's my turn to wash the dished, but I'll pay you $15 to do them for me." ~Craig to me after dinner one night.

 "You scare me so much with your talk of caca in the streets I wear my boots." Tatyana

"I don't want to get spidered. Wait, you're going to throw a spider on me?!?" ~Lisa

"They left to get a coke and came back with 2 tacos and a Sprite." ~Brett about some of the guys leaving randomly around 9 at night.

"Would you manipulate my face?" ~Brett after he found out what I do for a job.

"I've learned to ask, "Where's Rosa's? In the Mangoes? Not going there. Where's Rosa's? Next door? Going there. Do I have to climb three flights of stairs with no handles up a wall? Not going there. If the person is sick needs to be visited, I'll send Diego." ~Cindy Schmidt

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