Saturday, February 12, 2011

Changes come....

Wow! So many changes in Los Anonos, where to begin? Each team has a flavor, and this teams flavor is change. We now have a thrift store in Anonos. It seems like it happened over night. One day we had the Casita, the next day we had a store. The Casita has definitely gone for a face lift. It is no longer a cement tomb with a toilet. It is now a shelf-lined, hanger-filled, new-to-me store.

When the flood happened, we were also flooded with donations of clothes. Literally so many clothes we didn't have enough people in need to give them to. So the logical idea was to create a store where people from the community could earn money by running the store and other people in the community could benefit by buying clothes, shoes, and home goods.

Ginger shows off our collection of ladies' shoes.

Yeron checks his pockets for spare change.

Ginger and Maria model the latest of fashion trends in Costa Rica.

Now with the new store opening, teams also have a new opportunity to keep the store stocked with items to sell. When coming on a team, consider bringing gently used clothing and shoes (especially for children) and small home appliances that are in good working condition. Prices are set by people who live here and know the fair cost of things. The prices are kept reasonable so anyone here could afford them. This not only provides jobs for the community, but also helps give money and support back into the community of Los Anonos. Thank you for all your support and prayers for the people of this community!!

The Casita got a nice face-lift on the outside

The Grand Opening happened on February 12, 2011. Adriana got to cut the ribbon :)

The line was out the door for the first day of shopping.

The new thrift shop in Los Anonos was a success!!
Almost $280 was sold in the first day!!

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!! That is so awesome. I loooove it. Loved seeing "my kids" shopping and modeling. Such a great idea - love it, love it, love it!! What a blessing to the community in every way. Oh Julie, this is the greatest post ever - well... next to my quote page- and the dating site ♥♥♥ Love to all - I am wondering how I can come down once a month, just to "check on things...." :)