Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prayer Requests for 2012

The year of 2011 was a year of much growth and change for the Vineyard in Los Anonos, Costa Rica. We are thankful to have a fully renovated house to use for our church meetings. A new maturity is developing in many of the people that are part of our fellowship, especially in terms of commitment and relationship. We are blessed to have celebrated 4 weddings in 2011, which is a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people who consider it a social norm to live with various partners.

As 2012 begins, our prayer is that we would not only be a church that serves the people inside of the church, but gathers new people as well. That is to say that the native church here would have a heart for the lost of their own community. Pray also for the drug and alcohol addicts that their chains of addiction would be broken. We also feel that 2012 is a year of renewal and revival here in the community, especially for the teenage girls, who have seemed to be an unreachable population here.

The month of January also initiates our team season. We have the joy of 14 scheduled teams to come and share their gifts and talents here in Costa Rica during 2012. Pray for each team that they would hear God's voice in how to prepare for their individual and corporate journeys. That they would come ready to not only pour out but to experience God in a fresh way. Pray as well for the community, that they would be open to receive from the Lord while the teams are here as well as grow and mature in their faith and in the lessons they will learn from each unique team.

February marks the beginning of school here in Costa Rica (we are on the opposite season schedule that the states is on, so we are actually in summer right now). Pray for endurance and perseverance for all the children in school, from kindergarten through high school, this school season. Several teens we work with either dropped out mid-year or failed end of the year exams. To help with this issue, we are creating an after school program that will kick off in February. We are going to open the church up at scheduled times for the kids to come and have a quiet space for studying and completing academic work. Join us in praying for diligent, dedicated workers to help facilitate this program.

Health is also always a concern. Carmen, who I mentioned in a recent blog, is in the healing process of her foot, which continues to have a substantial hole in it. I have been going up every day to clean and bandage the wound. In doing this, I have also discovered huge spiritual wounds in her heart related to how she views herself and feels about God. Pray that as her physical wound heals, she would also start to see healing of her heart and it would be a time of experiencing God in a new, intimate way. I will be blogging more on this soon.......This is also a prayer for the whole community, that the people would experience the healing power of God this year.

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