Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hebrews 13:2
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

This has always been one of my favorite verses. When I was little I used to imagine meeting all kinds of angels just by meeting some one I didn't know in the street or in a store. I've also always lived by the philosophy "Be kind to every one you meet, you never know if you'll meet them again or what impact you may have on their lives."

Has that ever happened to you? You cut someone off on the freeway only to realize they are going to the same parking lot as you? Are been rude to some one in a store and they show up at your church? I think we've all had awkward moments like that, or at least know stories about when it's happened to friends or family members.

But what about when some thing positive happens? Have you ever had some one pay it forward? Like buy you a meal or let you cut in front in line in the store when you've only had a few items and they had a cart full?

I think one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me in my life just happened yesterday because of something like this.

So yesterday I was in with the kids having a VBS with the team from Ohio. I was sitting eating ice cream, Keylin on one knee, Antoni on the other, Joshua in the middle, when a man showed up at the Casa Nueva door looking for me. When I turned around I thought it was some one from the community, so I sent Dago to see what he needed, since the three children on my lap were quite settled. Nope, the man needed to talk to me. When I went back there he was talking in English!

Our VBS time with New Life Church

I didn't know him, we had never met, but several months before I sat next to a man on a plane back from Costa Rica the work that our Vineyard church is doing in the community, as well as the new ministry in the church related to the princess club. With church support, I am focusing on teaching the girls about their identity in Christ and their value and worth in the Kingdom of God. I had given this man the web address for this blog and that man passed it along to the man who was now in front of me. He was on business from the States and the Lord impressed on his heart to donate to this ministry. 

Here's the cool part of the story. My blog doesn't have our church address. Or phone number. Or really any other contact info for that matter. This man simply went on faith and pray that if this was what God wanted him to do he would be able to find the church...So he started driving. And Rodney happened to be in the street and he recognized Rodney from my blog. And asked if I was here. Rodney directed him to the church where our VBS was in full swing. Where he proceeded to hand me an envelope with a donation to help with the ministry with the girls! God is so good and so faithful! And what an answer to prayer! Abigail, Carmen, and I have been praying since before the club began that God would bless our girls and show them His divine, healing, faithful, kind love. Abigail was with me as this all happened. Her eyes were as big as saucers when I introduced her to the man and told her the story. 
She was blown away that God would think of us and use some one to show us his love in such a visible way. 
She recognized it as an answer to prayer!!! 
We are now excitedly planning a special event for the girls! 
I will keep you posted!!!!!

Of course this story has multiple lessons. 1. Be kind to every one you meet, because you really never know what kind of an impact it may have on you or others. 2. When you hear the voice of God tell you minister and show love to others in a crazy way, be obedient! You never know how BLESSED and ENCOURAGED the people on the other end will be! That man could have brushed off the voice of God as ridiculous! (How will I ever find the church? Did I really hear God tell me to give to this? Etc.) But instead he took a step of faith and my girls were so excited and encouraged and reminded that the Lord really does care about them! 3. In God's kingdom, expect the unexpected. Ask big. Ask boldly. Because you never know how God will answer your prayers!!!

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  1. YULIE!! This gave me chills the entire time it took me to read it - SO thankful that God is such a big God, who cares about our big & little things... AMAZING!