Monday, June 11, 2012

Princess Club: Fruit of the Spirit

Another round of Princess Club is beginning! After our royal outing to the Parque de Diversiones, what else is in store for the Princesses? This round I decided to teach the girls about growing royal fruit. Not pineapples, mangoes, and bananas, of course, but the fruit of the Spirit. Each week during the next 8 weeks we are going to be talking about the different fruits of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5. This week's fruit: L♥VE!!!!

The girls were a little late coming today...Nahomy was the only one to arrive on time, even a bit early. And I had three teenagers from the Naples team and another woman from another community helping. Blink, blink, blank stares at each other... Fortunately I always have princess coloring books with me while we wait for everyone to come. They're a great ice breaker and de-stressor. As the girls trickled in they each picked a coloring page with their favorite princess... Eric sweeping Ariel off her fins, the Beast swirling Belle around the dance floor, Charming and Cindy at their wedding, Prince smooching Sleeping Beauty awake...etc., etc., etc. Hearts and flowers and bunnies and birdies every where.
When it came time for the lesson about love, their pictures caught my eye. What is love? What does it look like? Is it only this (Indicating the picture of the swirling and twirling Disney couples)? Is it this (indicating Ariel wrapped up in Eric's arms)? Or is it this (indicating the tea pots and cups and candles serving Belle at the table)? Or this (indicating Belle teaching the Beast how to read and drink from a cup)? Or this (indicating Snow White cleaning the dwarves house)?

What is love? Is it just the mushy, romantic stuff? That's a part of it. But it's so much more. It's serving each other, helping each other out, sharing, and caring for each other. Love is also a person. 1 John says that God is love. If we want to love God, we need to love each other, because God is love. That's how we know that we know God...if we love, too, just like He loved us. When we're in Love, or in God, there is no fear, because He gets rid of all fear. Fear and love cannot be in the same place at the same time.


We can grow this fruit in our lives by loving each other. 
The Holy Spirit can show us how to love each other 
and love God better.

As a reminder for the week, we made Love trees.


At this point I was really feeling like it was time to see if any of the girls were ready to ask Jesus to come live in their hearts. I explained that we have been talking a lot about being Princesses in God's Kingdom. That it is a free gift to become a princess, but we have to ask Jesus to come be our King and to come live in our hearts and teach and guide us. He Himself wanted to teach each girl how to be a princess. One brave girl raised her hand that she wanted to ask Jesus to be her King!!!!!!!!!!! We prayed together and we all CELEBRATED!!!! Later in the evening another girl from the club came to me and asked if she, too could ask Jesus to come into her heart. What an AMAZING day in the Kingdom of God! The angels were having a major party!!!


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