Monday, June 18, 2012


Our lives are marked by moments of transition...graduating from high school, completing a university degree, starting a new job, getting married, having children, winning the lottery, leaving Egypt, entering the Promised Land. Today is one of those moments: our two new interns, Jessie Morgan and Shannon DeCourcey have packed their bags, said their goodbyes, and are moving to Costa Rica for the year. I can feel the weight of this transition. The girls have been anticipating this for months. I have seen their facebook posts counting the days, and then the hours, for their arrival. Answered countless e-mails about what to pack, how to prepare, and what to do in case of x, y o z. Talked to their parents about what it will be like. This morning there were pictures of Jessie at the airport. I remember that moment. My mom has a picture like that, too :) 

I am excited to see what this transition brings. Jessie and Shannon bring unique, God-tailored gifts to the community that could never be replicated by anyone else. I am expectantly curious to see how God will weave their individual chapters into the story that is already being written over this community of people. I am hopeful to see them grown, mature, learn, experience, and feel the heart beat of the Lord Almighty during their stay. 

They are not the only ones in transition. The church is also in a moment of transition, going from a teen centered mission to a family focused church. New English classes started last week to transition people into thinking and speaking in two languages. This hopes to move people from poorly paying jobs into better positions and more open doors. We are also transitioning our Bible studies to take people deeper into the Word. I am excited to see what this church transition brings. I am waiting in breathless anticipation for God to release His presence and power here in the church body.

Of course like with many transitions, as something transitions in, another must transition out. And that which is transitioning out is me. Today personally marks the moment of the beginning of my transitioning out and passing off the baton to the next runners here in Los Anonos. It is my time of transition to run alongside these girls for a while. To teach and mentor them in what I have learned from my time here. To prepare them for living and working in another culture and language. To hopefully model a laid-down life to the Lord. 

I am excited to see what my personal transition brings. I am fervently seeking Him in how my transition will unfold. And I am ardently waiting to see how God will write the next chapter of my story.

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