Tuesday, September 4, 2012

God of the details

I started my transition home.after an eventful Saturday morning flight which included a truck that wouldn't start, a random security check, a broken security machine that needed repaired before I could get on the plane, and a dead car battery in Detroit. I finally arrived back at "home". (I say "home" because while I am back stateside, I still feel like I am in transition and not quite yet at my final landing stop.)

Through all of this I have still seen the work of God in the details. I will share more soon, but there is no internet at my house yet and typing on my phone prooves a bit tedious. For now I will share just one story of God's curious grace and love in what seems like and insignificant, and better yet vain, detail.

I finished my time in Costa Rica being a good steward of my resources. That to say i used the last of my body wash the night before I left, I squeezed the last drop of tooth paste on the morning I flew out, and my contacts had been scratchy for two or three weeks from me not wanting to buy anything new. Selfishly I wanted ALL extra space in my suitcase to be for coffee and Lisano sauce and not by toiletries I could buy in the States. When it came time to do the last of my packing I did debate about throwing in the last of my shampoo and some bottles of lotion and perfume. In my debate of "to take or not to take", I asked Jesus what He thought I shoul do. He told me to leave it. OK, Jesus (this from the guy whose cousin ate bugs and was on the fashion police's top 10 most wanted list...) But I trust that voice and left it.

Back stateside I was in the shower Sunday morning using borrowed shampoo from my mom who was in town for the holiday weekend praying about what to do now. I told Jesus I needed the things I had left behind (I really don't want to be known as the stinky missionary.) Since I had been obedient in leaving my thongs in Costa Rica, I also knew I could be specific in my request (Psalm 37:4).So I asked God for the toiletries I needed and each for less than $1.

We went to church and in our way home stopped at a gas station. I walked in and the very first display was chuck full of toiletries, ALL for only $0.75!!! There was literally everthing on my list all on one display!! God us a God of details!!!

All this for less than $5!!

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