Friday, November 16, 2012

Giving sight to the blind

They came yesterday and were sitting on my porch waiting for me. Two packed boxes full of eye glasses. One of my favorite jobs while living on the mission field was our eye clinics. It was practical missions at it's finest. We were trained by the team from Virginia (Shannon's church). You use a small kit that has four handles with 8 pairs of lenses, each in a different prescription strength of paired positives and negatives (see picture at right). You get a basic idea of the person's prescription and then search through donated bags of glasses to find a pair that adequately fits for the person. It is not an exact science, but it gives a really good estimate. Since the glasses are donated and the prescriptions were originally made for one specific person's eye, we do the best that we can to fit the new person with glasses that work. 

Are you looking to donate to a charity this season but not sure which ones are legit? Want to donate to charity but don't have a lot of extra cash lying around? Have you worn glasses...ever? Have you recently had Lasix surgery and no longer need your old glasses? One great way to get involved in world missions is to donate your old eye glasses. Most eye clinics have a box some where in the office for the Lyon's Club. Have you ever wondered where those glasses go? Two boxes of those glasses were sitting waiting for me this week. They will be packed up into my suitcase and brought with me for a mini-missions trip to Nicaragua in two weeks. 

Come on you young people, donate your cool glasses that have been lying around the house some where. People in impoverished communities deserve to get decent glasses,too. They've suffered enough! Spare them from having to wear these bad boys (so sorry if these were yours. I'm glad you already got rid of them for yourself).

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