Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Flood

The destruction of the river was beyond words. It swept away whole houses. It left holes in walls that you could literaly walk through. There was no prejudice or mercy in what the river took. Houses, objects, land, the riverbank were all subject to the current. The Quebrada looks like a totally different place.
I also saw the women of the church step up and serve like I have never seen.
They were up early and stayed up late making sure people were well fed.
They gave out of the few supplies they had. They made sure they knew what peoples needs were.
They gave to the people who lost every thing.
These awesome women also made sure it was the people in true need that received aid first and not just people looking for a hand out.
I saw the face of Jesus in these women.
Adriana, Meyling, and Jaqueline, thank you for serving!!
Steve and Kevin also worked tirelessly to help a family that literally lost everything.
They helped stabilize the roof, gutted the house of all the damaged things, and built beds.
You guys ROCK with the heart of Christ!!

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