Monday, October 18, 2010


I love how the Lord works in timing. Since He is outside time, He can be incredibly ironic in how He moves in ours. Here are just a few examples of how I've seen the ironic timing of God here in Costa Rica:

1. I was in the casita one day waiting for some guys to show up for an English class (which they never showed up for). All of a sudden I felt this overwhelming sense of "why am I here? What is the point of life?" I had no idea where it came from, but it was sudden and heavy. I started praying through it. After about 10 minutes I stepped outside the door and on the balcony of the house across the street was the son of a lady in our church. I walked over and asked him what he was thinking about, since he looked so deep in thought. He replied that he was thinking about the deep things in life, the meaning of life, and why he was here.... We struck up a really good conversation and through the course of it told me he wanted to start taking English classes, but was unsure of how to get a hold of me to ask!

2. I've had 4 instances where I've needed to go into the Quebrada or up into the Mangos where I haven't wanted to go by myself, but needed to , and just as I got to the edge of the bridge, one of the young guys has been walking there, too, and has gone with me.

3. We are renting a new house right down the street to start a house church/open an internet cafe/have a space for classes.Rodney and Cindy were in the states all week, but before they left they commissioned us to pray through the house when we got the keys. The lease was signed on Thursday and we had the keys in our posession on Friday. Steve and I decided Sunday would be the perfect day to pray through the house since it is our day of rest. All Sunday morning I couldn't get up the energy to pray through the house. Every time I would think about going down to the house, I would find some other menial task to do instead, like bake cookies or watch a movie. All of a sudden, a little after 3 in the afternoon, I told Steve we had to go, NOW!!!! to pray through the house. It's as if a fire was lit under my butt and we HAD TO PRAY NOW!!! I told Steve I was going to go down to Ellie's house to see if she could pray, too. As I walked toward the new house, there was a guy standing in front of the was one of the guys from the church. I asked him what he was doing (since he lives about a 10 minute drive from here). He said he was out walking and felt like he needed to come to the house to pray!!! I told him that was the plan, to pray through the house!! He told me he thought he was being all stealth to pray for the house when he thought no one was around, but I told him God had other plans.

4. The was a huge fire in the Quebrada and two houses burned down. Carla, one of the women in the church, "happened" to stop by later that day with two huge bags of clothes, a bag of shoes, and toys. We were able to give the clothes to the family in need. She had no idea what had even happened.

5. When we had the flood, we started getting calls from people in the community as it was raining. As a family, we prayed against the rain. Practically as soon as we stepped out the door to go see what we could do to help, it stopped raining.

6. The women were able to feed over 60 people on 2 small bags of rice. God continued multiplying food as it was being given out to the families in need during the flood.

7. One afternoon I was helping pass out food in the Quebrada and we had forgotten our umbrellas. We had our cameras and other dry paper goods/food to pass out. I looked up at the sky and in Spanish yelled out this prayer "God, please let Christina and I get home without getting wet!! We forgot our umbrellas!! We know you love us and we love you!!! We love that you care for us in these small things!!!" The women looked at us like we were crazy. It rained while we were serving lunch, but we were able to move the table inside a house and serve from there. Half way through lunch it stopped raining. It was dry. We all thanked Jesus for holding off the rain. Christina and I were able to walk all the way back to the house and as SOON as we walked through the gate to our house it started raining again. We thanked Jesus. The next time we saw the women we were able to testify about the love of Jesus in even the small details of our lives. They were SOOOO excited and it increased out faith. Thank you, Jesus!!!!

I will continue to add to this post as more stories pop up. Please feel free to add your own stories of God-incidences as they come up in the comments section!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

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