Friday, October 15, 2010


Here is a list of new Spanish words that I have learned and use since coming to Costa Rica:

mantequilla de maní: peanut butter
estirar: to stretch
curita: bandaid
exprimir: to squeeze or wring out
anhelar: to long for
Que chiva!: cool (I've used Que guay! and Que cool in other places)
choco chispas: chocolate chips
chispas: spark
melaza: molasses
remolacha: beets
espinacas: spinach
nuez moscada: nutmeg
bicarbonato de sosa: baking soda
levadura en polvo: baking powder
chocobanana: chocolate covered banana!!
estante: shelf

mocos: boogers
burbujas: bubbles
espinilla: zit
pedo: fart (I hang out with a lot of guys)
predicador: preacher
higuera: fig tree
higo: fig
inundación: flood

chancleta: sandal
portón: gate
puntadas: stitches
lapicero: pen (we used "boli" in Spain)
don: gift (as in gifts of the Spirit)
plata: money
estornudar: to sneeze
pantuflas: slippers (I totally forgot about this word, but used it in Spain :)
lupa: magnifying glass


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