Monday, January 24, 2011

Quotable Quotes

New Life Church from Columbus, Ohio is HERE!!! We have some really exciting work projects going on including building a house for a 99-year-young woman in the Tahoe and a kid's summer camp. (Yes, it may be winter in the states, but it's vacation time here). I have had the joy of meeting some amazing people, and it's still early in their trip. I will keep you posted and updated about the work projects.

As I said before, every team has it's own flavor and character. This team is DEFINITELY quotable! Here is just a sampling of their quotability!!

"I was just sitting there on that brick wall and an orchid fell on my head and I thought to myself, this is paradise!!" ~Cindy Schmidt
"But what does it mean?!?" ~Brian responding to the orchid falling on Cindy's head in response to a conversation about the double rainbow guy (You know who I'm talking about...)

"If you didn't have a Caboodle you were a nobody." ~Me on the early 90's.

"We have to blog about that: the Jehova's Witnesses came to check up on us today." ~Cindy Schmidt on the Jehova's Witnesses coming to the door during our planning meeting

"Lee a mi. Read to me. Hey, look at that! I read it in Spanish! I'll be fluent before we leave!" ~Cindy Schmidt reading the front of the Children's Bible

"You didn't tell me we were walking to Guatemala." ~Cindy Schmidt on our trip to the Mangoes.

"Hmmm...we're in Costa Rica watching American football through a British feed...So odd." ~Brett

"Julie, you missed it! I just said a quotable quote. But I'm NOT repeating it. You missed it." ~Cindy Schmidt
"I'm going to quote you saying that!" ~Me in response to missing Cindy's quote

....More quotable quotes to come as they come up!!

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  1. Caboodles come from Plano, IL. My hometown. Just saying... ;)