Monday, April 4, 2011

Another post of words

This excerpt is taken from Cutting Edge, a Vineyard Church magazine, vol. 14, no 4. It's from an article titled "A Vineyard Approach to Blessing Muslims", by Craig Simonian. What he has to say, though, should be applied univerally:

"What we say, and especially what we write, is no longer a private matter. It's like a politician making a private comment while his microphone is accidentally left on. When on evangelical leader in the U.S. insulted Muhammed, a protest immediatly followed in Solapar, India. The protest turned into a deadly riot that killed eight people and injured 90.

A lifetime of blessing Muslims can be derailed by one offbeat comment jettisoned throughout the world via internet. You can try and clarify your comment, but the damage is already done. Words are powerful, which is why "a man of knowledge uses words with restraint" (Proverbs 17:27). Whatever you say, say it with the understanding that perhaps millions are listening."

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