Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Something to Think About

How would you feel if God asked you to give your Bible away? I'm not just talking about any Bible on your bookshelf, but the one you personally use? The one you carry to church every Sunday and have underlined? The one that has those awe-inspiring sermon snippits that really cut you to the quick. The one that, shoot, you don't remember the reference to that inspiring Psalm and you want to share it with some one, but Oh, yeah, you can turn to it because you know right where the feel of it is in YOUR Bible (forget about trying to find it in some one else's, though). Would you feel sad? Like you're giving away your favorite book in the world and how could you ever get another one like that?!? Would it feel like a big deal? How could you EVER highlight all those passages again?!? What if you never find that inspiring Psalm again?!?!? How can you get those sermon notes back!!!! Would you feel joyous? Like you're giving away life to someone else? OR nervous, like what are they going to think of me? They'll think I'm CRAZY! Or would you not even notice? Would it even matter to you? Would it be a big deal? Or just another thing to do?

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