Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Casa Nueva

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share the latest updates at the Casa Nueva. As most of you know, in October we started renting a house down the street, which we call the Casa Nueva. Each team that has come since then as helped renovate a piece as well. Every team participated in different fixer'upper porjects which have really helped us out. Steve, Tito, and Rodney have also poured out their hearts and backs into fixing the place up. It is used for classrooms, Bible studies, guitar classes, worship and prayer nights, and mostly inmportantly Sunday services. The most recent addition was a canvas-tarp roof over the enitre backyard. We changed church services from Saturday night to Sunday morning due to entering the rainy season. The weather is usually dry in the morning, even during rainy season, but even so, the roof should keep rain drops off our heads :) It has undergone a huge transformation. I created an album of the changes on facebook.  Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and support. Here is the link to that so you can see how far it´s come in just a few months (even if you don't have facebook, I think you should still be able to access this particular photo album...Let me know if you can't):

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