Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Princess Club

I am about to embark on a new journey into a new and beautiful land. A land full of beauty, grace, and delight. A land full of energy and youth. A land called the Kingdom of God full of 8- to 11-year-old princesses. We are starting a new club in Anonos called The Princess Club. Based on a program by a new friend and sister missionary here in Costa Rica, Amy Lineburg, the Princess Club teaches young girls that they are the daughter of the King of Kings and therefore princesses!! The kingdom of God and royal values are taught in weekly lessons. El Club de Princesas was started in the neighboring community of La Carpio by Amy several weeks ago when she saw the need for young girls to understand their importance and identity in the eyes of God in the midst of poverty. Instead of something indefinitely ongoing, Amy decided to invite specific girls for 6-week opportunity to grow in their knowledge of Jesus by learning what it means to be a daughter of the King…a Real Princess! Lessons include our identity as princesses in the Kingdom of God, our authority in the Kingdom, purity and values in the Kingdom, Royal behavior, Royal beauty, and life lessons from the story of Queen Esther.
 I first learned about the Princess club from a good friend, Ana Laura. She and her husband attend the Vineyard church in Escazú, which is where our Vineyard church was planted from. Every week Ana Laura comes to help me with my Tuesday English class. A few weeks ago she approached me with the idea of starting a Princess Club here in Anonos. She had met Amy at another conference and struck up a friendship. Ana had heard about the Princess Club in La Carpio and was very excited about the prospect of starting one here. I also went to see how the Princess Club worked by visiting with Ana was AMAZING!! Every girl gets to wear a crown during the club, which in and of itself is delightful. I loved watching Amy´s enthusiasm as she taught them about their authority in the Kingdom of God. Ana Laura and I knew we had to bring this to Anonos. We are about to embark! Next Saturday will be our kick off. We hand picked and invited 10 girls from the community. Our program will run every Saturday afternoon for 9 weeks.

 Each week the girls will get to write in their ¨Princess Diary¨. They can use it to write the lessons that they are learning as well as write stories about being a Princess. Every week there will also be a craft that goes along with the lesson. I will keep you updated as we go along!!

One of the girls right after we invited her to the club :)

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