Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Princess Club #3: Claiming who we are in Christ

 This week in the Princess Club we had a princess visiting from a foreign kingdom. Princess Taylor came to Kingdom Anonos to share in the joyful things that are going on with our princesses!!!

During Princess Club #3 we learned about how we are new creations in Christ. We opened with the story of Shrek and how Princess Fiona on the outside looked one way, but when she realized her true identity, she was completely changed. When we realize our identity in Christ, we are also permanently changed. Of course we also used the analogy of a butterfly. We talked through the process of salvation, how we are all sinners and how the King sent his son to the earth to save it, and gave them the opportunity to accept Christ into their hearts. We also talked about what we see when we look in the mirror and how God sees us.

To demonstrate our new truths, we depicted them as follows: 

The butterfly represents us as new creations in Christ. 
God's love is the pocket where He hides us as princesses. 

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