Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Princess Club: Our Identity in Christ

YAY PRINCESS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!! Week two was just as incredible as week one!!! This week we learned about our identity in Christ! If He is the King of Kings and we are his heirs, we are Princesses!! We learned that we were carefully and purposefully formed in our mother's bellies by God. We are beautiful and have value in God's eyes!! We went over our key verse: Colossians 1:12: "(God) has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light." We also found our theme song: "Yo Soy Tu Amado" from the Gracias Por La Cruz album from Vineyard music. (If you click on the song title, it will take you to a website where you can listen to the song. The words are as follows:

YO SOY TU AMADO (Your Beloved)
Señor fuiste Tu quien creó los cielos.  Lord it was you who created the heavens.
Señor fue Tu mano quien las estrellas creo. Lord it was your hand that created the stars.
Señor Tu voz viene como la mañana. Lord your voice comes like the morning.
Y aun las olas del mar se postran ante Ti. And even the waves of the sea bow before you.
Quien soy yo comparado a Tu gloria, Señor? Who am I compared to your glory, Lord?
Quien soy yo comparado a Tu majestad? Who am I compared to your majesty?
Yo soy Tu amada, por Ti creado. I am your beloved, by you created
Y me amas como soy,  And you love me as I am
Me has escogido para tu Reino You have chosen me for your Kingdom
Y me dices que Tuyo soy. And you tell me that I'm yours.
Yo soy Tu amada. I am your Beloved.


The girls had a great time decorating their frames. Ana Laura and I had taken pictures of them when we gave them their invitations or the first week of the club.

 Rule #2 in the Princess Club is: Justice and Equality for everyone. Each girls was given the same number of foam stickers, a crown, and sequence to decorate their picture frame. I loved the creativity each girl showed in decorating their frame. Each frame showed a bit of each girl's personality. I loved the fact that Marilyn decided to put the crown sticker on her head in the picture. It started a trend and most of the girls followed suit. They are learning TRUTH about their IDENTITY in Christ!! It starts NOW! Not when they are adults. Or teenagers. Or in college or their career. Their Identity is formed NOW!!! They ARE princesses!!

Ana Laura explains more about what it means to be a princess while the girls eat their princess snack. Ana Laura made princess wand cookies with frosting and sprinkles...YUMMY!!!

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