Monday, July 11, 2011

Sk8 Club

Not only are their new princesses in town, but the men are being trained as warrior princes! (Of course in a manly, dignified way... of course....) A few months ago we had the pleasure of hosting Jud Heald, a professional skater (check out his website at The video here is one of his skate runs during a contest. Jud and another fellow skater use their skating to reach the younger generation. They demonstrate some phenomenal tricks and then share the message of the gospel. They always allow the kids time to practice their moves, too. 

Many of the kids here in Anonos also love to skate. The younger ones love to ride down the huge hill by the house sitting on their patched together boards. The older ones will some times walk to the Parque Sabana, the large national park about a mile from here, to practice different tricks. After Jud was here, Steve and Tito decided we needed a skateboard ministry here, too. So they built ramps and rails and every Saturday they bring them down to the bottom of the hill. They used to use them in the Planche, but with the constant need for cleaning it and from a safety perspective, they have moved to the road in front of the casita.  The kids skate for about a half an hour and then Steve or Tito share a 15-20 minute message with them and then they can skate for another hour. It has been a very positive and relevant way to meet the kids in their most formative years.

When people say they have nothing to offer others, many times they are just thinking inside the box. What do you enjoy doing? What skills or talents do you have? Can you teach those to other people? Can you encourage other people in those same gifts and talents? Do you enjoy children? Teens? Young adults? Young professionals? Adults? God's kingdom is not about a building. It's not about being inside a building once or even twice a week. It's not just about reading the Bible (although that is exceptionally important!!!) It is not always about serious study groups and intense conversations.  God's kingdom is in the every day. The simple. Every moment. It is using what God gave you to advance His kingdom. Taking your abilities, passions, and talents and using them for God's glory as well as the encouragement and growth of the church. I encourage you, too, to look for creative ways to be the light of Jesus in your community.

Steven lands this impressive move...

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