Friday, August 26, 2011

A Princess Fairwell

Can you believe it's been nine weeks since the start of the Princess Club?!? How long and far we've come! Incredible. To celebrate our time together, we threw a Princess Ball. We decorated the back yard of the Casa Nueva with girlie balloons and streamers. We had princess cookies and punch. We talked about what we learned and sang our song. The girls brain stormed about who we should invite to the next club. We also gave each girl a gift. Ana Laura and I had tank tops made up that said "Princesa. Soy la hija del Rey de Reyes." Which means: Princess. I am a daughter of the King of Kings.

These four girls came every week. They were so faithful in coming. Tutis, the oldest in the club, was such a great helper. She would help the younger girls with their crafts and with the writing in their books. She would also help plan.

Here we are!! Our princess club!! 
Congratulations to all the princesses for all their hard work 
and all the learning that they did in nine weeks!!!

 Fabiana and Nahomy made a princess piñata for the girls to break open. They had so much fun making it...and Ana Laura and I surprised them by filling it!! 

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