Friday, December 16, 2011

Fiesta de Niños!!!

The Christmas season means Christmas parties; and Los Anonos is no exception! This year we coordinated with Children Without Borders, the non-profit pediatric clinic here in the community, to throw the children of our church and the clinic a party! Here are the highlights!!

Our dudes had a table set up at the gate. The party was by invitation only...With almost 100 kids on the list (plus parents plus volunteers) there really was no room for extras. Don't feel too bad for the left out kids, though, the Catholic church had a party the next day. 
Plus the clinic had purchased gifts for each child by name, age, and gender. 

 Part of the volunteers painted faces.

 Two of the volunteers dressed up like Christmas dolls...

We had child-sized chairs set up in the back of the Casa Nueva. Still, there were so many children many of them ended up on the floor, the swings, the walls...where ever there was space!!!

 Several other volunteers were blowing up balloons and making all sorts of shapes.
 Including swords. Awe! How cute! Little swashbucklers!! Or ninjas? 
Question of the century, if a pirate and a ninja were fighting, who would win?

Of course the princesses aren't concerned about fighting. They are just content to look beautiful!

We had a full house, that's for sure!!!

 The volunteers played games with the kids, broken up into age groups. The 4-year-old boys played musical chairs. Hey, didn't your moms tell you not to run with swords? You could poke an eye out!!!

 Once again the princesses were not concerned about gouging eyes out with swords. They were too concerned about their new make-up job.

 The 6-year-old boys had to climb through the hula hoop while connected at the hands. The boy caught with the hoop around him when the music stopped was out!
 The 9-year-old girls had to say a tongue twister.

Our dudes also prepared dances to several inspirational songs.

 There was enough food made for every child, parent, and volunteer...and enough for seconds and thirds!!

 I think the whole party wore some kids right out!
It sure it hard having so much fun!!

 Lunch was a hit, regardless of if they fed themselves or some one else did! No complaints on the food, that's for sure!!!

I think Fabiana liked the food. What do you think?
Chi Chi was an angel. Note glowing halo above small child's head :)
Then it was time for the piñatas. One for girls. One for boys. 

 The girls were pretty tame in hitting it.
 Nanis helped a bit in dispensing the candy...
 But it was one mad rush once the candy hit the floor. Of course the Children Without Borders also has a dental clinic, so never fear about too much candy! Floss, any one?

 Abigail really got into the Christmas spirit. (Of course she borrowed them from me :)

Every child received a hand picked toy. Each child was given a bag full of treats, a present,
and several other lovely gifts.

A very special thank you to 
Children Without Borders
and all the volunteers who came and made the day so special!!!

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