Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Life of a Tall Girl

I found a blog dedicated to tall girls with all these funny quotes about being tall...Here is my rendition. LOVE!

 For some reason people always love standing on chairs to take pictures with me :)

 Actually, this was one of my favorite teams...Look how many guys were taller than me!! We officially had a 6 and up club which = awesomeness!!

 I remember an awkward moment here at a bank in Costa Rica. They had mini cameras set up at "eye level" so you could talk to the teller who was upstairs. I didn't realize my "eye level" was actually "chest level" until I caught a reflection of the camera shot. AWKWARD!!


  1. Julie Julie Julie - I am dying laughing here! David's mom and the pony pics might be my favorite! I love that you embrace your tallness as one way God made you special - you are so much fun you needed that tall space to contain all your awesomeness. Let's say that about my roundness - lol - I need more space to contain all of my qualities :) Love love LOVE this - but sorry about the impromptu hospital trip. That totally stinks!