Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mini Miracles

This is Escarleth (Pronounced like "Scarlet"). She is 11-years-old and live in the Tahoe. That means I can see the roof of her house from my balcony because it's right across the street. Last week I went down into the Tahoe to play with the kids. 

(These are the kids in the Tahoe)

So we're playing. The kids are climbing up on the rocks and showing me how high they can jump. They're running in races and dancing around. They're pretending I am a jungle gym and climbing on me, too. So all of a sudden Escarleth comes over to me and says her leg hurts. I asked what happened. She was hit by a car while playing in the street a year and a half ago and broken her leg. Every once in a while it still hurts. 

I tell her that Jesus doesn't like to see us hurt or in pain. Would she like to pray with me and ask Jesus to take away the pain? YES! So I call the other little girls, Paola, Yuli, and Emilee. I tell them that Escarleth's leg hurts. I explain that Jesus doesn't like to see us hurt or in pain and in the Bible it says we can ask him to take the pain away.
So we do.

All of a sudden she looks up with a twinkle in her eye.

"Does it still hurt?" I ask.

"NO! Wow! That's so COOL!!!" She exclaims.

And she runs off to play without a second thought.

Faith like a child.

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