Saturday, April 28, 2012

May Prayer Requests

The saying holds true even in Costa Rica: April showers brings May flowers. This is true in many senses. The rainy season has started again, which means the foliage is turning green again. It also means an end to the constant threat of forest fires started by broken glass in the community. We had several very nasty fires this season where the fire department had to be called. Praise the Lord no one was hurt and no houses burned down. As the rainy season starts, pray that there are no more devastating floods as there were last year.

We are praying corporately for the raising up of a Latin pastor for the church, for more people to become involved in the worship team, and for overall more leaders for the youth group, Bible studies, and ministry opportunities. As the church expands, our needs for strong leaders increases exponentially. We would like to focus more on discipling families, but we need more workers for this harvest!!

May is also a preparation month. We are getting ready for Les and Diana to move down at the end of the month to set up the new discipleship school in the community. Pray that all of their financial resources come through and that their preparations fall into place to move from New Hampshire to Los Anonos. We also have two interns, Jessie Morgan (from our church) and Shannon DeCourcey (from a supporting church in Virginia), moving down in June. Pray for financial favor for both of them as well as a an easy transition into community life here.

Coming soon....The Adventures of Les and Di!!!!!!!!!

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