Monday, April 9, 2012

Princess Club: Taste of the Kingdom

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him."

As princesses we need to be careful of the decisions we make. God wants us to make good decisions, because He is the King of the kingdom of light. The devil, on the other hand, wants us to make bad decisions. If I were to give a little girl the choice between a brand new doll and a broken, dirty doll, which one would she chose? Which one would God like the little girl to chose? The one that's best for her. The one that's new and makes her feel special and loved.

What are some other good decisions that God can give us to make? What are some bad decisions that the enemy tries to give us?

Sometimes, because the devil is tricky, he tries to make bad decisions look like they're good decisions. He can even make them look like they're coming from God. Can you think of some examples of this?

Like cheating off a friend in school to get a better grade for the moment. But then you never really learn what you need to know. Or lying about hitting your brother to avoid getting punished, even though you hurt your brother.

We need to think about our actions before we do this something that looks like a good choice, but in the end could hurt some one else? Am I making a decision to do something that I know is wrong?

To think more about this topic, the princesses played a very....special game. I was first introduced to this game during our Nicaragua missions trip, but a gringo from Ohio named Jason. It's called Bean Boozled. The box is packed with sets of twin flavors: one good and one evil. The two beans may look the same, but you don't know if you're getting licorice or skunk spray until you bite into them.  And what, exactly, did we get ourselves into?  Well...Some of our favorite Jelly Belly flavors -- pear, coconut, peach, banana -- are represented, but alongside some seriously screwed-up twists.  Toothpaste is one thing, but booger?  BOOGER?!?!?? My point? Not all beans that are green are pear flavored beans. We need to be careful in the decisions we make. Of course the girls had a BLAST playing the game. I was quite surprised...we got half way through the box and they wanted to keep playing! (Of course if they got a nasty bean I let them spit it out right away...when playing with the dudes we make them chew it totally and swallow it!!) Here are a few pictures of their best "yucky" faces!!

Then the girls colored princess pictures to remember the verse of the week.

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