Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prayers out of the Mouths of Babes!!

God can use any one, big or small. And, boy, does He!! We saw proof of that this week during our vacation Bible school with the Virginia team. Antoni, Alejandro and Verania's middle son, came to the event with his arm in an improvised sling. When asked what had happened, between him and his sister they explained that the boys were messing around in their house and he slammed his arm against the bed. He could barely move his little fingers without wincing. 

Antoni before, obvious not his usual, wild self...
So true to what the Word says about prayer, I asked the kids to come and surround Antoni, to put their hands on him and ask God to take away his pain. Alexander, Antoni's usually mischievous, older brother, started out with a beautifully simple, yet exceptionally strong prayer for such a young guy. His older sister followed suit. One by one, the kids asked God to heal Antoni and take away his pain. 

The kids praying for Antoni...

When they finished I asked Antoni how he felt. He said it didn't hurt any more! I asked if we could take the sling off. He nodded his head yes...and then got up and moved his fingers: without pain!!!! We thanked Jesus for touching Antoni and they all ran off to use the swings and hula hoops. Antoni joined them, using his arm completely normally!!! I love kids :) And I love how quickly Jesus answers the honest, simple prayers of children!!!

Just a little while later, with his 1,000 watt smile!!!

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