Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Things,...

10 Things I Will Miss About the US:

10: My cell phone and the ease of calling/texting everyone when ever I need to talk.
9: Not having to shave for weeks at a time in the fall and winter.
8: Flushing my toilet paper.
7. Washing dishes in scalding hot water.
6. Having it stay light outside past 7:00.
5. Tea time with college friends (Bubba, Schmuffie, etc.)
4. Women's Bible Study.
3. Women's prayer at Tanya and Stephie's houses.
2. Worship team at the Vineyard.
1. Spontaneous hang out times.

10 Things I Am Loving About Costa Rica:

10: Being able to learn, teach, and speak in two languages.
9: Getting to wear spring and summer clothes year-round.
8: The mountains and lush, beautiful nature all around me.
7: Meeting new people.
6: Cindy's cooking!!!!!!!!!!
5: COFFEE!!! REAL coffee.
4: Women's Bible Study.
3: Constant prayer and time to study the Word.
2: Worshiping team in the house.
1. Spontaneous hang out times.

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