Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making fresh orange juice.....

Okay, so maybe it's not this dramatic....
but I did help out by squeezing
a bunch of limes today to add to all kinds of things.

When life gives you limes...well you know the rest.

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
squeeze1 /skwi:z/ sustantivo
  1. countable
    1. (application of pressure) apretón m;
      he gave her hand a ~ le dio un apretón de manos
    1. (restrictions): a credit ~ una restricción crediticia
    1. (hug) apretón m
  1. (confined, restricted condition) (colloq) (no pl): it will be a (tight) ~ vamos (or van etc) a estar apretados
squeeze2 verbo transitivo
  1. (press) ‹tube/pimpleapretar(conj.⇒), espichar (Col);
    to ~ a cloth (out) retorcer(conj.⇒) un trapo
  1. (extract) ‹liquid/juiceextraer(conj.⇒), sacar(conj.⇒);
    he tried to ~ more money out of them trató de sacarles más dinero
  1. (force, fit) meter;
    I can ~ you in tomorrow morning le puedo hacer un huequito mañana por la mañana
verbo intransitivo: he ~d in through the hole se metió por el agujero


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