Saturday, September 18, 2010

Speaking of taking things for granted...

So tonight I went to the Vineyard (La Vina, with the ~ over the n, but my keyboard doesn't have that key) Church for the first time...what an adventure! Again, I take things for granted in the states...such as the fact that I have my own car and it only took me 8 minutes to drive myself to church. First we walked down one side of the valley, across a bridge, and back up the other side of a very steep hill. Then we had to cross a highway doing what I like to call "human frogger" to get to the bus stop. You know that great game of the late 80's/early 90's where you got a tiny little computer frog to cross the road while oncoming traffic keeps coming? Picutre 4 of us doing the rain...and we saw several other people doing that, too....and it's legal and totally legit. Crazy. Besides the fact that the bus stop is actually on the highway. Yup. It just pulls over to the side of the highway to let people on. After the bus dropped us off, we continued walking a bit until we finally got to church. Alive. With all limbs. Quite the adventure. I can't wait to go next week!!!

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