Saturday, September 18, 2010

Line dried Underware

I have taken too many things for granted...Like throwing clothes in a dryer to dry. Now I do line dry quite a few clothes in the States, too, like good shirts that I don't want to shrink, or nice dresses, or things that dry really quick. But I have taken for granted the delicate task of throwing underware and socks in a dryer. Letting them secretly dry by themselves, and then folding them in the privacy of my bedroom. I washed my clothes for the first time here, today, and had the dawning thought...Where will I hang my underware?!?!? It is hanging in the back, furthest, most hidden place on the patio. Still in the sun, yet covered by a slotted roof. With my pajamas stading guard in front to keep them well protected.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Julie :)It's Kelli :) You aunt used to always joke around and tell me that you can get more wear out of your underwear if you just turn it inside out so you can get a second use out of it before having to wash it.....just a thought :) haha I will think of you from now on everytime I put my underwear in the dryer :)