Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Words of wisdom from my former worship leader, Bill McElhaney

As I was loading the groceries in the house at 11pm, I stopped and thought of how Jesus knew the fate of each person he met. I know he still does, but when he was here in the flesh it must have been so weird. He had played out the scenario of each disciple following or not following him. For example, he knew the end of Judas's life in either case. He knew that Judas would most likely betray him, yet ministered, ate dinner and lived with him for three years. He trusted the man and made him an apostle.
He also knew the life Judas would have if he followed after the will of God and did not betray him. He actually might have had other options for how he would be "caught" and taken to die on the cross in case Judas had a divine moment and refused the money.

Judas had the free will to do whatever he wanted. Jesus saw both results and loved him like a smitten boyfriend who knows his girl might cheat but does not care. Just the moment of love and companionship was enough to drive him to believe in Judas. Even if his trust was betrayed, he was willing to risk it all for his friendship with Judas.

This is such a mystery that God see's both results and gives us every option to follow him. I am not one to preach on facebook. So hear the story and think for yourself how powerful that is. We always have another option good or bad. It sits there like a teeter totter in perfect balance waiting on us to jump on one end or the other. We are trying to balance this in our mind and losing grip in some decisions while "jumping all in" on others.

The will of God and ours is most complete and fulfilled in its awesome and yet fragile collision of chance and choice. What a mystery the gospel is. What a neat idea that he can see the choices we make and the ones we did not in one instant. I can't even fathom that he would still take his chances on us following him and trusting him.. WOW, God you are amazing.. Help me to be crazy and risk it all for others the way you did and still do for me!
Thanks, Bill, for letting me borrow this from facebook!!

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