Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Church Camp and Grand Rapids!!!

I love every group that comes down!! Every church team has something unique to offer. I love the chance to meet new people and to hear about their stories. Of course I always enjoy when my own home church comes down. It is like a slice of home. It is especially sweet when good friends are a part of that team!! My church sent their team of fearless missionaries last Friday. And what an adventure it's already been! We're not even half way through the trip and it has been an action packed adventure!

They landed on Friday and were immediately shuttled two hours away to the mountains for a weekend church camp. Meanwhile, I loaded up a 15 passenger van with teenage girls from Anonos and drove out to meet them at the camp. This was not an ordinary camp, though, it is the combination of several Vineyard churches from Michigan, with a total of about 40 people, as well as the Vineyard church here in Anonos AND a Vineyard church about an hour from here called Viña Palmares. In total, there were 96 people at the camp!

What an adventure! There are too many stories for me to tell, so I will just lightly brush on the highlights. First of all, there was a mix up with the bus company and instead of sending the Michigan team in 2 vans, which could descend the 5.1 mile piggy-back, mud-ridden, sheer-drop-off-cliff-lined-windy-twisty road to the camp, they sent a school bus which couldn't make it down...Enter Jules in the big, white van who ended up shuttling the group down and back out again a la Nicaraguan style (let's just say the last trip included 25 people plus luggage. I swear the Lord added an extra bench seat into the van and a few more horse powers to the engine!!!!)

Jendry playing Cat and Mouse on the parachute

Claire and Tutis in a wheelbarrow race

Tammy conquers her fear of heights on the Swing

Jendry misses the water balloon!!

The Rally

The camp itself was an amazing. It was nestled in a mountain valley that was made by the fingers of God. Waterfalls were every where. We spent the days participating in group bonding activities and the nights in worship and prayer. We saw knees healed by Jesus and youth dedicate their lives to the Lord. What a blessing!!
Our shoes got soaking wet, and it was so cold the only place to dry them was the fireplace!!!

The only bummer was the cold...50 degrees and no heat!! I have never seen my girls wear so many layers!!!

Team activities

Back in Los Anonos, our work projects continue!! Our main team project for this entire team season is helping the community build retention walls along the river. We are hoping to prevent houses from being swept away this rainy season. The government continues to drop off rocks and dirt by the ton at street level since there is no access way to the river. We then help the locals by hand carrying the rocks in buckets and wheelbarrows back to the river where we are building the wall.

Gerrie Morgan is also blessing the ladies of the community by teaching them floral design. Not only will this brighten their homes, but it gives the ladies a useful skill that may help them find work later on.

Of course or favorite project is investing in the lives of the people here in Los Anonos. We love going in to peoples homes and living life alongside them. As people return on multiple trips from the states, friendships and life-long bonds are formed. Teams also just love loving on the kids! Some times the street is the best meeting place to gather the kids and play with sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, Frisbees, and bubbles!!

 More to come!!!!

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