Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August prayer requests:

I can´t believe July is almost over!! Where has the time gone?? Oh, yeah, to children's ministry, eye glass clinics, hauling rocks and building retention walls, to painting murals and holding babies, to Princess Club and Bible studies, to worship nights and sweet ministry times, to prayer and seeing Jesus heal people. July was a month of victory for the Kingdom!!!!! Now it's time for a new chapter!!!

Team season is coming to an end. August is the last month of our heaviest team season with two more teams coming to partner with us in Anonos. This next team, from Virginia, is hosting an eye glass clinic in the highly unreached, jungle area of Costa Rica called Talamanca. They are partnering with Viña Anonos and another local missions group. There are still people in that area who have never heard the gospel. Join us in prayer for not only giving the people in that area the ability to see physically, but spiritually as well. At the end of their trip they will also be hosting a church youth camp. Approximately 20 of our teens will be going with the team to a camp. Pray for this camp that the youth would experience God in a new and fresh way and that they would come home with a new passion for things of the kingdom!!  Our last team in August is from the New Life Church in Columbus. We will be working on construction projects around Anonos as well as several other projects as yet to be determined :) 

August also marks the last month of my time in Anonos. I will be coming home on September 1. Pray for this transition!!!! It is going to be hard for me to leave, and yet I am excited to come home. Pray for endurance through the last of the work here as well as lots of peace in my move. Pray for the two new interns, Jessie and Shannon, as they begin working in the community and learning how God will use their individual gifts and talents to bless the people here. Also continue to pray for the new discipleship house that Les and Diana are leading. We have worship nights there every other Saturday and have had up to 30 people from the community gathering in one voice. It is amazing to see people singing in both English and Spanish and pressing in to the presence of the Lord. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support over the last 2 years. It has been a blessing to me, Rodney and Cindy, and the community of Anonos. I look forward to tell you about it person next month!!

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