Thursday, August 2, 2012

Princess Club: Self Control and Graduation

Another Princess Club has come to an end. This last week we talked about the last fruit in Galatians: Self-control. 

1 Peter 5:8

"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

To illustrate what self-control means, we started with a very fun demonstration...

In this video, who had control? Shannon (the body) or Jessie (the hands)?

Jessie obviously had control. She was the one who decided everything that was happening. Who  has control over your body? Over what you wear? Over your words and actions? Over what you eat and where you go shopping?

You do.

One of the girls said God has control. But does God control your body? Does He make you hit some one of dance? No. That would be manipulation. 

He can influence us. Just like people and family members can influence us.

They can tell us where to go and what to do and what we eat, but as we get older, we have the choice whether or not to follow that person's advice or influence.

So how do we decide what to do and what to wear and make choices for all of the decisions we make every day?

We can ask the Holy Spirit to show us how to control ourselves in the way that we speak, in the way that we act, and in the way that we love each other. We can ask Him how a princess should act and behave. But we still need to decide to obey what he tells us. We are each responsible for our own actions and decisions, whether good or bad.

This was graduation week!! We celebrated what we've learned over the past 8 weeks with a party! The girls enjoyed a tearing into the princess piñata :)











A few months ago I had been given a very generous donation for the Princess Club. If you remember a few months back, I used part of the money to take the girls to the Parque de Diversiones (the theme park). I decided to use the rest of the money to buy each girl her very own Bible.

In each Bible I wrote the girl's name, what her name means, and a Bible verse related to the meaning of her name. The girls were THRILLED beyond words at their very own Bibles.


One of the girls from the New Hampshire team had spent time praying for each girl. We took the girls aside one by one and Emily talked to each girl about what she heard the Lord say about each girl. We prayed over every girl and spoke blessing over their lives. What a special day!!!

Please continue to pray with me for these princesses by name (the meaning of their name is in parenthesis)!! From left to right: Nahomy (pleasantness), Julissa (youth consecrated to God), Brithany (from the Britons), Katherin (pure), Nicol (victorious), and Hellen (light)



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