Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet Our Church Family

The last team that we had here, from Manchester, New Hampshire, did a very unique and special project. Two of the girls on the team are aspiring photographers. So they set up a semi-professional studio in the church and took family portraits. Meet some of the people from Viña anonos!!!

This is Kliber and Randall, two of our dudes involved in the weekly skate ministry.
July (pronounced Julie) is in my Thursday women's group and she just started coming to church. She's pictured here with her daughter Argerie, and her two grand-daughters.
 Adriana and her daughter, Keylin. Adriana is married to Amilcar and has another son, Brandon, who weren't available on picture day. She works in the thrift store that is run through the church. She is a very active part of the church and is a faithful friend.

 Maruja lives in the tajo, just beyond our balcony. 

Abigail helps with the children's ministry. She lives down by the bridge in front of the casita, where the thrift store is. You may know her older brother, Dago. 
Dunia and Valerie. Dunia is also part of my women's group. She started coming to church a few weeks ago. She is Kevin's mom and Valerie is his little sister.
Nanis and Tito are both part of our worship team.

Danny and Brenda with their three kids. Brenda is Rosa's daughter. They live up in the Mangoes.
Elidey is part of our worship team and works very closely with us at the missions house.
Hannia is Elidey's cousin. She is an integral part in our kids ministry.

Jendry, Caleb, and Tutis are all half siblings. They are involved in youth group, La Roca, and kids ministry.

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