Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lifting Hands

I am always amazed at the impact our community has on other people. There have been several people who have come on short term teams that love the model we have for doing missions. They end up going home and starting similar projects at home. Many people have caught our model of going door to door to pray for people. People here in Costa Rica are being drawn by Los Anonos, too. A local girl, Dianú, has become part of the Viña Anonos missions during the week. She attends the other Vineyard church in Escazú, but she spends many afternoons here. She started coming here several years ago to play with the children and visit people in the community. Recently she noticed a need for English classes in the community. There is such a hunger and desire of the people here to learn to speak English. Not only does it help them communicate when teams come down from the states, but it can also help get them better jobs or receive higher wages in their current jobs. Dianú, with the help of Tico volunteers from the other Vineyard church here, has started 4 days a week of English classes. This video is her call for more local volunteers to come help out. Click on the link below:

Lifting HAnds Anonos 2.mov - Dropbox www.dropbox.com

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