Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Youth Camp

There are so many updates for the actual missions work that goes on here in Costa Rica!! I will give a brief summary!!
Manchester, New Hampshire: Les and Diana's home church came in July with a youth group team. We did another eye glass clinic...And had too much fun :)

We prayed for every person who came through the clinic. We saw many people touched by God and a several people healed of pain. 
  The teenage girls and their women leaders wanted to reach out to a highly unreached population here in Anonos: the teenage girls. So they hosted two Saturdays of Teenage Princess Club. The first weekend they had an ice breaker weekend with an ice cream social. The girls painted fingernails and braided hair. Friendships were formed. The second weekend, the girls and women gave talks about purity, Godly relationships, and life as God's princess.

 One of the teens, Joseph, is a gifted artist. He and I worked on a new mural down in front of the casita. It is the hands of the harvest.

We had lots of fun playing with the kids, both up in the Mangos and down in the Tajo. Lindsay, the new intern that will be joining our team in October, had no problems connecting with the kids!!!

My Thursday afternoon women's group turned into a surprise birthday party for Adriana. She was so surprised!! Adriana turned 27 :)
The teens from New Hampshire also hauled lots and lots of....ROCKS!!!!!

Shannon's home church, Summit, came from Virginia. Their first weekend was spent in the jungle of Talamanca, offering the people an eye clinic. Jessie and I did not join this part of the trip due to space and timing, but Shannon and David went :) Back in Anonos, we visited homes, played with kids, and...HAULED ROCKS!!!

 The second weekend was packed full of fun as the Summit team hosted a youth retreat at a camp in Heredia. With very little sleep but lots of memories, the team shared about being a disciple of Jesus with almost 30 youth from Anonos.
 We had a some fun and games mixed in with the teachings :)

AND we hauled rocks....the piles keep coming and coming and coming....
 Although I am sad to say that there was such a NASTY rain storm last Thursday that most of rocks we hauled with this team were wash away by the river. The river was raging. It came to within 2 meters of the pedestrian bridge and did damage to several homes. There was also a landslide in the Mangos in front of Milena's house (she lives directly in front of Rosa). It showed, actually, the importance of our project and these rocks are definitely saving homes.

The Ohio team is here and we're....hauling rocks :) More pictures and updates on their team to follow!!!

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