Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Viña Anonos Play List

Singing worship songs is one of my passions. Singing them in another language is a privilege. I love the fact that it doesn´t matter what language we sing in, we can all glorify God. And there is nothing like experiencing a worship set where people from two different languages sing in bilingual harmony.

Obviously when team come and join us for Sunday worship, we sing in Spanish. I thought it might be helpful to see what we´re singing. I highly recommend listening to the songs on YouTube or purchasing them on iTunes.

Abre Mis Ojos (Open the Eyes of my Heart)
Más Que un Amigo (More Than a Friend, Jeremy Riddle)
Bendito Sea Tu Nombre (Blessed Be the Name, Matt Redman)
Nuestro Dios (Our God, Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman)
Solo Te Tengo a Ti (All I Have, Tim Dobbelmann)
Reinas Por La Eternidad (Forever Reign, Hillsong)
Quiero Más De Ti (Set a Fire, United Pursuit Band)
Por Siempre Estará (One Thing Remains, Hillsong)
Dulcemente Quebrantado (Sweetly Broken, Jeremy Riddle)
Digno y Santo (Revelation Song)
El Nos Ama (How He Loves Us, John Mark McMillan)
Cuan Grande Es Dios (How Great is Our God, Chris Tomlin)
Levanten Alabanzas (Stand in Awe, Jeremy Riddle)
Indescriptible (Indescribable)
No Me Dejarás (You Never Let Go)
Preparen el Camino (Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble)
A Los Abatidos (All Who Are Thirsty)
Todo Lo Doy A Ti (All To You)
Tú Eres Mi Respirar (This is the Air I Breathe)
Vamos a Adorar (Let the Praises Ring)
Ven y Abrázame (Wrap Me In Your Arms, Michael Gungor)
Salmo 23 (Twenty-three, Aaron Strumple, Vinelife Unplugged)
Precioso Dios (Beautiful, Jesus Culture)
Bendice Su Nombre (Bless Your Name)
Rey Eterno (King Forever, Kat Regester)
Eterno Dios (Everlasting God)
Me Acerco a Ti (The Stand)
El Lugar Santo (Take Me In)
Santo Te Adoro (David Bustamante)
Todo Para Mi (Everything, Tim Hughes)
Desciende Sobre Mi (Fall On Me, Lisa Welbanks)
Viene De Ti
Gracia Dulce Es (Sweet Grace, Steve Jones)
Aire Para Cantar
Por Quien Eres
Todo Poderoso

 AND....Pretty much every Hillsong United song....

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