Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grand Rapids

God is an infinitely creative God. There are no limits to what He can imagine or create. Why shouldn't we reflect this as individuals? One of my favorite parts of hosting teams is seeing the diversity of gifts and talents that God places in individuals and how He chooses to use them here on the mission field. It's amazing how different our passions and hobbies are. They are as unique as snowflakes and fingerprints.

As you know there are two new young ladies, Jessie and Shannon, who have committed to serving for a year here in Costa Rica. Jessie's mom decided to come on this trip. She brought along with her the extraordinary talent of floral design, which interestingly enough was actually first shared here in the community over two years ago by her same daughter, Jessie. 

Like mother like daughter, the women used this talent to invite women into creating beauty out of chaos. Gerrie taught the women how to look at some of God's most frivolous creations and turn them into magnificent centerpieces to brighten their homes. Each woman was taught how to make three different kinds of floral arrangements.

This class had the obvious purpose of teaching the women a skill that may help them get a job. It served a deeper purpose of allowing the women to enjoy fellowship and camaraderie with one another in a peaceful, stress-free environment (did I mention they had child care!!!! What a blessing for these moms to have a few hours to have adult time!!!!). It also provided a venue for Tammy, another woman on the team, to share her incredible testimony of the grace of God in her life and open the women's hearts to the heart of our Father God.  Her story resonated with every women who attended and left most in tears. Through something as simple as a flower class, God opened the doors into their hearts and engaged the women in some extremely powerful ministry time. Gerrie, Tammy, and the other women on the team were able to speak truth into the lives of the women here and show them that they are just like the flowers they were arranging. Our lives some times look like mass chaos, flowers strewn about; but God sees how each of the events in our lives can be arranged into a fragrant masterpiece. 

There is no gift, talent, or passion that cannot be used for the Kingdom of Heaven if we are willing to allow God to have His way in our lives.
PS I did kind of feel like Snow White and the dwarves in the picture :)  Just sayin'

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