Thursday, May 19, 2011

Costa Rica Update

Just what goes on here in a week? Here's a basic run down of what's going on at Viña Anonos:

Monday (lunes):
Afternoon English classes with the kids and teens
Evening small group Bible study led by Julie at Rosa's in the Mangoes

Tuesday (martes):
English classes with Karen in the Mangoes
English with the teens (kids in the house to play)
Women's exercise with Julie at the Casa Nueva

Wednesday (miercoles):
English classes with the kids and teens
Evening small group Bible study led by Rodney (translated by Julie) at Fransica's house in the Mangoes
Evening small group Bible study led by Luis at David and Terri's house in the Mangoes

Thursday (jueves):
Evening women's Bible study with Elidey in the Casa Nueva
Evening in-depth Bible study "The Rock" with the older teens and 20-something's with Rodney in the Casa Nueva

Friday (viernes):
Women's exercise with Julie in the Casa Nueva
Youth Group (for ages 11+) in the Casa Nueva

Saturday (sabado):
Skateboarding ministry in the Planche with the skaters with Steve and Tito
Every other week, trip into the city to give away food to the homeless and pray for people in the streets
Prayer and worship nights in the Casa Nueva

Sunday (domingo):
Church in the morning with Sunday School for the kids

There is so much that is constantly going on in the house, around the community, and in the Casa Nueva that I feel like this "schedule" doesn't even begin to capture it all. This is such a bare bones reflection, but I feel it's important to share. Worship pracitices, guitar lessons, pastoral meetings, visiting and getting to know members of the community, and counseling drug addicts are only a few of the other things that go on here.  We are constantly making and strengthening connections with people in and around the community. As these groups continue to grow, pray for more workers!! Please pray for continued growth of the groups and with it a continued hunger for the Lord. Pray for these people as they seek God in breaking free from alcohol and drug addictions. There are other people who would like nighttime Bible studies, but we need more people to lead them!!! It is also our desire to train up locals to take over in ministry opportunities. People who have a passion for leading worship, teaching the children, discipling the youth, and making a difference for the Kingdom of God in Los Anonos!!!

New challenges have come up within the last few weeks, too, including an increase in drug crimes and violence in the community, the recent earthquake (which shook several already shaky shacks causing the people living there to panic and question their safety in any subsequent aftershocks), and continued uncertainty about whether or not the municipality is going to continue to remove houses from the community.

Last week I helped survey the community in coordination with Niños sin Fronteras (Children Without Borders, a nonprofit organization that provides free medical and clinical services to all children in the area free of cost). From the survey, results indicate people are most concerned about the river and the event that it could raise again this rainy season (causing flooding and damage) and the drug culture in the community. While I will write more about the results of this survey in my next post, please join me in pray for now about these two things: Change in the drug culture here and safety for the people against natural disasters.

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