Monday, May 30, 2011

Prayer needs

Prayer update:

Pray for the continued growth of the new church.
Pray for a Tico (native) pastor.
Pray for workers for the harvest.
Pray for our teens that they would continue to stand strong against the temptation of drugs and alcohol.
Pray for sexual purity in Anonos, specifically among the youngest generations and the teens.
Pray for the addicts that they would be freed from their addictions.
Pray against the violence that is happening in the community.
Pray for healing miracles, specifically quick healing from wounds

If this sounds like a lot, would you commit to praying specifically for one or two of these areas?


  1. Julie:
    Thank you for posting this. I will send this to a couple of friends and I will print this off to remind me to pray for these items. I will commit to praying for a Tico pastor and the addiction issues.

  2. Love this church. Ever praying for these many needs, as well as God's power to reign in this community. Is that our baby Bruce in the picture? ♥