Monday, May 30, 2011

What to pack!!

As team season approaches, I thought I would include a helpful lists!

Things to bring for yourself for during your trip:
Your Bible!!
Camera with plenty of batteries!
Umbrella or rain poncho. It will rain. You will get wet without it.
A pair of flip flops for wearing in the house. Help us keep the house clean!!
Old tennis shoes (or shoes you don´t mind getting dirty and muddy) for wearing in the community
Bathing suit (depending on what your team is doing and where you are going)
Clean underware (always a must, regardless of country of destination)
Work clothes
Your own toiletries (shampoo, soap, razors, etc.)
Jeans and a sweatshirt/hoodie for evenings. It can get chilly!
We do have wireless internet at the house, so if you want to bring a laptop, iPhone, or iPods, you can bring them, use them, and charge them here at the house.
We have American electrical outlets, so all small appliances do work here (hair dryers, electric shavers, flat irons, laptops, etc. can be charged here).

Things NOT to bring for your trip:
Linens (towels, sheets, pillows, etc.) We have those here for you to use
Fancy clothes
Anything really expensive...In the event that it could get lost or stolen.
15 hair dryers and 12 flat irons. You can share. Unless you want to donate them to the thrift store when you're done :)
Knives, guns, swords, or num-chucks

Things you could bring to donate to be sold in the thrift store:
Shoes!! Gently used shoes for men, women, or children! ESPECIALLY for children and tennis shoes!!!!
Gently used women´s clothing in good condition
Gently used clothing for older children (4 to 15 years old)
Gently used clothing for men in small or medium sizes
Bags, such as the cloth reusable grocery bags or large canvas bags or even bookbags
Curtains, blankets, towels
House wares, such as pots, pans, rice cookers, silverware, and kitchen utensils
(Plates, bowls, and cups are not needed, we have plenty of those available here)

Things that are always a blessing to us and to the church that we always receive gratefully:
Nueva Versión Internacional Study Bibles (New International Version Study Bibles) (Bibles that we can give away and for us to use on Sundays during church)
Silly Bands and other cheap'o prizes that can be given away during Sunday School or English classes
Craft materials (EXCEPT GLITTER!!! Glitter WILL BE THROWN AWAY!!! It´s messy and gets out of control) (We use the materials with the kids during the week)
Anything  in the theme of princesses...I am starting a new ministry with the girls ages 8-11 on their identity as princesses in the kingdom of God...anything princess related would be AWESOME!!!!! Crowns, play jewelry, princess pencils, trinkets, etc!!!!!
Beef jerky. You cannot get it here and the guys go NUTS for it!!

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