Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feature: Kevin

I found this unpublished blog in my archives...I wrote it in April. Enjoy!!
Name: Kevin Jimenes
Age: 16
 Favorite sport: fútbol (that´s soccer for the Americans)
Latest hobby: Crochet. Yup. I taught him to crochet and he´s taken off. I think he´s made 3 hats already.
Favorite thing to do when gringos come: Street ministry in San José
Three words to describe Kevin: Kind, thoughtful, insightful 

Kevin is one of the dudes here in Anonos. He is in high school and taking 19 credit hours this year.
Yeah, he´s really smart. He wants to finish school and go on to study business.
Some one told him the best decision to make for schooling would be to learn English and get a business degree...then learn Chinese. With Spanish, English, and Chinese, one could be a very successful business man. So that´s Kevin´s plan. He could totally do it.
Kevin also has a servant´s heart. Whenever there are teams, he is the first to come help and the last to leave.
He remembers every name of every person that has come on every team.
And he askes about you. If you´ve been on a trip and your church is coming,
he will ask about people and if they´re coming back.
He definitely makes an impression on people.

Fun tidbits about Kevin:
He calls me ¨Mi gigante¨
which means ¨my giant¨
So I call him ¨Mi enano¨
which means ¨my dwarf¨
(Even though he´s only maybe 3 inches shorter than me)

When I asked the youth group who was the strongest guy in the group, the majority
nominated Kevin.

How to pray for Kevin:
Pray that Kevin would continue to grow in Christ.
Pray that Kevin would continue to resisit and stand firm all the temptations for drugs and alcohol that surround his community.
Pray that God would continue to give Kevin dreams about who he is in Christ and all that God has instore for his life.
Pray that Kevin holds firm to all the promises God has for him.

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