Thursday, March 1, 2012

March prayer requests

This past Saturday we hosted a night of prayer in the church. The main areas we covered in intercession were to see broken families restored, teenagers making changes in their generation, children being able to grow and walk in the destiny God has prepared for them, and seeing the wounds in the hearts of the fatherless healed. It was one of the sweetest, yet most intense, times of prayer we have seen yet. These four areas are the personal cry of every heart in our church.

Another area we are seeking the Lord in is in the commitment and responsibility level of the Ticos who come to the church. We are asking the Lord to raise up a generation of natives who are committed to seeking the Lord, committed to growing in their faith, and committed to seeing the church grow and flourish. This takes time and responsibility.

Finally, we have had intense spiritual opposition to our church from one particular neighbor who lives right behind the church. Every Sunday for the last 3 weeks he has come over complaining of the sound, interestingly enough always during the same song when the children are singing their hearts our to God. We need wisdom and understanding for how to love this neighbor and resolve any issues that we have.

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  1. your requests are so pure and full of love for the church. I am praying for God to give you wisdom, understanding and the gift of seeing your hearts cries to Jesus... answered.

    In His Grip,