Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For the benefit of those not on facebook, I thought I would share an update on the community and some recent prayer concerns. As many of you know, we are officially in dry season. We went without rain for approximately four months. What is normally green and lush during the rain season turns brown and dusty in the dry season. It also makes the community prone to fires. This most often happens from either broken glass laying on the ground or flicked cigarette butts...both of which are common place in the Quebrada where there are many addicts and alcoholics. Needless to say, within the last week there have been two major fires. One on the far left side of the community where almost no one lives and one directly below Carmen´s house. In both cases, no houses were burned and the only damage to homes was extensive smoke damage. In the first fire, it was too far down in the Quebrada for the fire trucks to access, so they basically just let it burn. People frantically threw buckets of water to protect their houses, but the fire basically had to burn out. The firemen were able to drag hoses in from the main road when the fires threatened Carmen´s house. Please continue to pray for Los Anonos as we come to an end of the dry season. Occasionally the field behind our house can burn, too, although praise the Lord is hasn´t in recent history. Pray for the continued safety of people in the event of more fires that they would make it out of their houses safely and not risk their lives for objects. Pray protection over our community!!!

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