Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another day goes by in Los Anonos

I know I just did a post of pictures this morning, but I think they give the best idea of what life is like here on a normal basis. I went out into the community for about 2 hours and this is what came out of it...Enjoy!!

One of my little buddies in the back alley.

In the alley affecionately called the Calle Caca (Poop Street), 
a woman leans over her balcony.
The construction of this house is...beyond words.
It is three stories tall.

 Verania´s middle boys play with some new bouncy balls 
in the thrift store.

 Alexander climbs to new heights while the moms are in the store.

 Genesis plays with a basket of rocks. 
Like kids around the world, she is easily amused.

Then she sits patiently while she gets some girlie pigtails.

It is rainy season. In preparation the municipality has delivered several tons of rocks in front of people´s homes. They then hand carry them through their houses back to where the river is to build retention walls.

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