Monday, May 28, 2012

June prayer requests

 June is looking like a month of transition here in Anonos!! Les and Diana, who I mentioned a few months ago, moved here at the end of May. They are preparing their new house in the community to open as a discipleship school. We inaugurated the house this past Saturday night with an evening of worship. The patio where we held the worship is directly in the center of the house and open to the sky. What an amazing time of praising the Lord under a clear sky full of stars!!! Not only do we pray for more nights of singing to the Lord, we also dedicate this place learning, discipling, and fellowship. Please pray for Les and Diana that they would continue to settle in quickly so they can be an effective, integral part in what God is already doing here in Anonos (including favor in shipping their car here, finding furniture and kitchen appliances at a reduced rate, and being accepted by the church as leaders).

We are also getting ready for our two new interns, Jessie Morgan and Shannon DeCourcey, who will be moving here in the middle of June. Thrilled, excited, and expectant are just a few words to describe the arrival of these two young ladies who feel called to minister alongside of us. Join us in this excitement to see how God will use their unique gifts and talents. Pray for their transition, that they would feel welcomed here and would settle into their new routine smoothly. 

(Jessie and Shannon)

June also marks the beginning of our heaviest team season. Seven teams are scheduled to bless the community with their various gifts and talents. We are excited to see how God will use them! Pray for boldness and an increase in faith for teams this summer!! We want to see the kingdom of God released over Costa Rica with seeing people saved, healed, and delivered! 

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